6 more months!

I’m happy to announce you my dear followers who don’t even care who the hell I am..haha… that I’ll be a fresh graduate next half year!
So… it’s been a long trip since I was a freshman… I was drown… permanently into animation. And you better know how hard I survived till finally I’m on this stage. High stage means high stress. Wow oh wow…
U know what… I always love to reread my posts on Tumblr and my Blogspot. I rarely post now but I’d like to visit when I’m bored. And everytime I read them… I’m glad and proud and touched at the same time. I feel like I am completely a different person now. I was so young and wild and freak… so now, I am like old, boring, fragile… (haha no no I’m kidding!!!!)
I read the first post ever in the very first day of college. That describes a lot about how excited I was. Haha. Then my romance.. hm~ :) my homework… my songs… my things… I’ve shared a lot. I’m such an exhibit person while I just have normal ordinary life. But I’m happy of being that. :) now I know how my life through these last 4 years.

Then I came to a post which I wrote about 20 to 30 years old. I said how scary to face this part. Well… 2 years done. 8 years left. Haha. Wow. Have I done well?
6 months later… I’ll step to the next level of life. I wish and expect and hope to past and graduate in time! I wish the Germany Der Panzer got the cup this year! Haha such an intermezzo… I wish my final project best of the best of me. Uwowhhhh so excited! And scary as hell!! I’m curious.. 6 months from now when everything has done great as I expected. What’s next? Haha life’s tricky… we really have no clue. But whatever will be, will be. Wish me the best of luck for final please!!!

So here you are my first photo with other freshmen that year. <3
We all know, the next photo we'll take is in graduation. Good luck for all of us!